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3 Secrets to Successful IT Recruitment

  • April 19, 2018
  • Kurt Vosburgh
  • Vice President, Service Delivery

There’s no denying the IT industry is on the up and come. CompTIA reports that in 2018, the global IT industry will see 5% growth, and spending will top $4.8 trillion. As the industry expands, business evolves, and technology continues to advance, recruiting for IT or technology functions has taken top priority for many HR and talent acquisition departments.

But it has also become more difficult.

In fact, according to an Indeed survey of over 1,000 hiring managers and recruiters, approximately 86% of respondents said they found it “challenging” to acquire the technical talent they needed; 36% claimed to find it “very challenging.”

The Impact of the IT Talent Shortage

A scarcity of talent with niche IT and technology skills is partially to blame—and it’s impacting the bottom line of businesses across the globe. When asked how the tech talent shortage has affected their business, 86% of Indeed survey respondents claimed it had hurt their business in ways such as lost revenue, slower product development, market expansion, or increased employee tension and burnout.

However, a skills shortage isn’t the only thing impeding recruiting efforts in the IT and technology fields. The IT industry is transforming at a rate never before seen, and it begs the question: Is the talent acquisition industry moving fast enough to keep up?

The Lack of IT Acumen Among Recruiters

If you ask me, the industry is saturated with recruiters who know the “talk,” but can’t walk the walk. They say they understand the industry and they know the buzzwords, but they don’t really understand the roles they are recruiting for. In their searches, they’re just typing in keywords and hoping they get resumes back that will stick.

This lack of understanding is bad for recruitment and it’s bad for business. Recruiters are wasting time interviewing people who aren’t right fit and companies are wasting money on recruiting efforts that continually fail to deliver.

Further, good candidates—candidates who do understand the industry—see right through a recruiter’s lack of understanding. It makes them feel as if they’re being treated like a commodity, which will in turn tarnish the employer brand.

How to Successfully Recruit for the IT Function

The most successful talent acquisition firms are looking beyond buzzwords, putting smarter and more robust candidate assessment processes in place to ensure that their recruitment efforts are more than just talk. Below, I’ve outlined the top three things these leading providers are doing to drive successful IT recruitment.

  • Understand the Big Picture – Recruiters must first gain a high-level understanding of the entire company and industry at large. What does the company do? What makes it different from the competition? What’s it like to work there? With that holistic business acumen, recruiters can more accurately communicate the employer brand and value proposition to potential candidates.
  • Dive into the Weeds – It’s really very hard to recruit for IT—not just anyone can do it. A deep understanding of the whole IT landscape is required, and in order to truly understand what skills a role will require, recruiters need to be immersed into what that role would be doing on a daily basis. What platforms are used? What’s the technology stack? It’s crucial that they know exactly what their talking about in order to successfully field candidate questions and gain better buy-in and engagement.
  • Deploy a More Robust Intake Process - Successful recruiting requires more than checking boxes—it requires an intake process that allows recruiters to get the specific details needed to map out a company’s entire technology infrastructure. By asking the right questions and gaining full understanding up-front, recruiters are able to deliver candidates that are a better fit for an organization’s needs.

The fact of the matter is, companies are looking to attract the best IT talent, and they continue to need more and more of it. By partnering with a recruitment provider that has the necessary business acumen, specific IT expertise, and proven processes in place, they can achieve just that.

To learn more about how MSH Talent Solutions can help your company solve its IT recruitment needs, contact us today at info@talentmsh.com.

MSH is an industry-leading talent solutions firm, providing strategic talent acquisition and consulting services to organizations around the world.Established in 2011, MSH aligns people, processes, and technology with overall business objectives. 

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