MSH focuses on employing people who create competitive advantage – for us, and for our clients.

Our ability to create results for our clients depends on our ability to attract, retain, and maintain the best people for the job. MSH engages a unique combination of skilled practitioners who think beyond resumes and traditional recruiting tactics to deliver broader and more meaningful impact throughout our client partners’ businesses. Our employee selection and development processes, combined with our ‘people first’ culture, help us ensure we have the people we need to create sustainable competitive advantage for our own business, as well as for our clients. By investing in our team, we’re investing in your success.


We focus on engaging people who live our values, and on creating an environment that reinforces them in everything we do.

Our values include:


Our people demonstrate through words and actions that they care about their own and other’s well-being.


Our people take responsibility and ownership or your business success.


Our people present and execute constructive ideas in the face of challenges.

Customer Focus

Our people invest in building real relationships with your business and seek to understand your wants and needs.


Our people take time to do the right things in the right ways.


Our people choose what it right rather than what is easy, and are forthcoming with information; even when admitting a mistake.


Our people seek ways to not only share knowledge and opportunities, but learn from those around them.

Will to Win

Our people tackle adversity with tenacity and turn challenges into lessons learned.


Our proven selection processes ensure a consistent interview process and the highest standards for hiring, allowing us to hone in on how and why we select each candidate. 


We believe in order to truly understand our clients’ talent needs, our people must actually understand the broader the business operations, challenges and goals the organization is looking to meet through their talent MSH facilitates an environment in which employees gain well-rounded knowledge on a wide variety of industries, business units and organizations. This broader business acumen gives them a better understanding of our clients’ business decisions and how our work impacts their success. 

Our development initiatives include:

  • Ongoing training and formalized review/feedback processes. 
  • Regular engagement with leadership and exposure to insights, as well as a wide variety of business resources. 
  • Continual hands on experience and challenging discussions with peers and colleagues. 


Our competency framework and evaluation processes allow us to continually assess our employees’ character as well as performance, ensuring that successes are recognized, growth is forthcoming, and culture is maintained.

The Formula for Our Success