"It’s impossible to know everything and learning never stops. There is no better time than right now to make a difference and be your best self."

With the ultimate goal of providing an exceptional experience, Corey is a passionate leader who is relentless in finding new and innovative ways to provide value to clients, candidates, and associates. He believes in leading by example as well as challenging what is considered the norm when it comes to talent solutions.

Corey joined MSH in 2011 after graduating from Florida Atlantic University with bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Management. He has held various roles within research, recruiting, client services, and management, and was responsible for developing and launching MSH’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing division. Prior to MSH, Corey held internships with The Walt Disney Company and the University of Miami.

What makes a great leader?

Someone who would never ask somebody to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. The unique ability to build credibility and trust, but be genuinely transparent.

What’s your favorite part about working at MSH?

Not one day has been the same as another. Just understanding and accepting that I am going to be put in situations of adversity that will make me a better person, leader, and employee is what excites me the most.

What’s your advice to the job seekers of the world?

Things start to get real after you get an offer, so look internally first and think long and hard about what you want since your career affects all aspects of life. Do your best to think beyond the next 90 days. Does the role you are pursuing actually make sense for your career and will it provide you with a better life long-term? Remember that in the end, you are the person who needs to show up and do the work, not the person making recommendations about what decision to make.