Leveraging our world-class shared services center and analytics capabilities, we deliver impactful intelligence to drive your talent acquisition efforts forward.

Sometimes you don’t need an end-to-end talent acquisition solution—often organizations have a great team, but need help augmenting their capabilities in a specific area. MSH’s candidate intelligence offering is a customizable and flexible solution that allows companies to engage us for a number of independent talent acquisition services, including:

  • Market Research - Our market intelligence reports are customizable based on your needs, and often include market and demographic data, competitor and compensation analyses, and more.
  • Sourcing – We’ll do the hunting for you, delivering a set number of pre-qualified candidate profiles that include the candidate’s name, current company, title, phone number, etc.
  • Screening – Here, we take sourcing a step further by delivering “engaged” candidate profiles and contact information, meaning they’ve already been screened, compensation information has been collected, and knock out questions have been administered.

In order to deliver the high caliber of intelligence our clients require, we tap into our shared services center and leverage the experience of our tenured market intelligence professionals. We utilize a multitude of sources and databases, and ultimately present our findings in a clean, easy-to-read report. At the end of the day, our candidate intelligence offering can not only help you make better hiring decisions, but also drive cost savings to your bottom line.