From search to onboarding, from strategy development to process management, we can handle entire recruitment processes on behalf of our clients—seamlessly integrating with your internal HR department along the way.

We begin by assessing your existing talent landscape and needs, building a flexible, end-to-end strategy that will help you find, acquire, and retain the people you need to achieve your business goals. We then put that plan in action, providing the tightly integrated recruiting/hiring processes that integrate all human capital touch points from job profiling through onboarding.

Upfront, we create the right job descriptions, and structure the right compensation packages to ensure a competitive offering. We assume ownership of the design and management of your recruitment process, delivering the leadership, technology, best practices, and reporting expertise you need to reduce time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, achieve verifiable metrics, reduce cost, and improve governmental compliance. Utilizing our Selection Process Management methodology, we gain the context needed to better assess candidate fit, and ultimately deliver candidates that are more qualified and engaged—all in a faster, and more cost effective way.

But we don’t stop at candidate delivery. We also manage the interview process for you, complete background checks, and follow up with the employee during the first 90 days of employment, among other services. Anything and everything you need in order to hire and bring onboard the best people to drive your business objectives, MSH can help.

Why choose an RPO Model?

  • Stronger SLA adherence
  • Improves the quality of hires and candidates
  • Reduces time to recruit
  • Creates a scalable recruiting platform
  • Enhances diversity recruiting
  • Increases process efficiencies to enhance delivery
  • Companies can focus on core activities
  • Develops employer brand by following best practice
  • Converts fixed cost into variable and transactional cost
  • Allows EEO compliance tracking