MSH helps a leading manufacturing company with 15 B+ in revenue based out of Florida initiated Legacy Modernization Program to Digitally Transform the entire business by creation of new systems and seamless integration of different Systems

The Challenge

  • Disparate Systems such as Web-based and Enterprise Applications and Databases functions across on-premise and Cloud
  • Manual Processes existed for file transfers between various systems
  • Difficulty in exchanging huge and complex files
  • Sequential execution of file transfer process delaying the entire process

The Solution

  • Integrate different systems in the given scope through Integration Platform, webMethods with the codes written in Flow language eliminating the ground zero work
  • Create Custom Framework for Audit Logging 
  • 120 and Retry Mechanism in case of execution failure
  • Applying Multi-threading approach during the design phase for parallel files processing
  • Leverage webMethods enabled Testing 
  • Weekly status reporting mechanisms to Framework for assuring the Units and address all operational and tactical Interfaces

The Results

  • Fully automated enterprise systems integrated end to end in place through centralized integration platform connecting 10+ systems
  • Moved to a Pub-Sub model for One-to-Many Integration with the help of Universal Messaging
  • Weekly status reporting mechanisms to address all operational and tactical activities associated with this engagement

MSH designed a system to meet the exponential growth in business and corresponding increase in data exchange and applications interactions. We also re-engineered the Enterprise Application Landscape the way they uses to interact and exchange information with each other. The Digitally Integrated & Transformed system allows a high degree of application interaction as well as collaboration among users across the enterprise of various kind.