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MSH is a proud minority-owned business that emphasizes not just the moral imperative in equal opportunity hiring, but the business imperative that comes with bringing diverse thought and experiences into your organization. With a global footprint spanning 35+ markets across three continents, MSH is an international leader at scaling organizations.

MSH is a global leader at scaling teams with top talent

Since our company was founded in 2011, we have focused on building an organization that is data driven, tech enabled, and customer obsessed. We offer Talent and Technology Solutions powered through our cutting-edge software, Aeon Hire.

Our Talent Solutions business focuses on our customers requiring full-time hiring programs and initiatives, including full or partial outsourcing of recruitment, TA process design and assessment, and early-in-career talent programs.

Our Technology Solutions business supports some of the most innovative tech-driven organizations in the world, delivering transformational solutions that include On, Off and Nearshore Managed Services, project-based hiring, and deploying Software as a Service.

interview and recruitment

We are forging a new frontier in the realm of HR tech.

MSH is powered by Aeon, a groundbreaking new software that is disrupting the hiring process. Our team uses Aeon to empower our customers and candidates to drive more decision certainty and take control of their hiring experience.

Join us in disrupting the status quo and revolutionizing the way we think about hiring.

Featured News

Executive Leaders and Innovators to Unite at MSH Women in Tech Event

Executive Leaders and Innovators to Unite at MSH Women in Tech Event

The event convenes some of the most influential names in tech, as well as provides an opportunity for networking and in-depth conversations with high-profile attendees...

Work-Location Flexibility Makes Women & Gen X Workers Happier Than Salary; Opposite is True for Men & Millennials

Work-Location Flexibility Makes Women & Gen X Workers Happier Than Salary; Opposite is True for Men & Millennials

Work-location flexibility makes women and middle-aged Americans happier about their jobs when compared with compensation and benefits, a great boss...

New "Hire Learning" Podcast Reveals Raw Truth About Building Higher-Performing Teams

New "Hire Learning" Podcast Reveals Raw Truth About Building Higher-Performing Teams

"We're demystifying the ‘why' behind an executive's decision to hire someone, and I'm grateful and humbled by this opportunity to share my conversations with brilliant people..."

Oz Rashid

Hear more from Oz in the Hire Learning Podcast

You’re going to get better people if you work with us.

Most people don’t talk about creating more hiring certainty.

Everybody talks about being quicker, or saying, “We’ll take care of that.” They boast about having expertise in finance, technology, or executive search. It is rare for anyone to say, “I am putting my name behind this. You will always get better people when you work with us.”

But I will. I put my name behind it.

You will get a better member of your team when you work with MSH.

Oz Rashid
Founder and CEO, MSH

PS: I read every message. If you have any questions about how MSH can help, please don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Culture is a big deal at MSH

We know that the success of our people and ultimately our organization depend on it. We believe it is our responsibility to create and sustain a culture that supports us in attracting, selecting, and retaining the right people. By doing so, we'll be able to realize our vision of creating more positive, fulfilling, and effective experiences for everyone we engage with.

Our culture is centered around a people-first mindset that enables employees to take ownership of their individual success as well as that of our team as a whole. We make it a priority to ensure our people feel valued, invested in, empowered, and connected to what they do and who we are as a company. We're committed to giving each team member the tools they need to succeed and facilitating an environment where everyone is encouraged to be their best self. Because that's the best way to serve our clients.

Our culture is cultivated through our commitment to five pillars

Celebrate each others' success

project based teams

Share information openly and deliberately

Follow through on commitments

Reward performance and character

Seek to understand rather than be understood

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