MSH Careers

MSH is a global organization with seven different offices around the world.
We are always excited to find new people to join our globally diverse team.

Work with industry thought leaders, from global fortune 500 companies
to cutting-edge startups.

Compensation is above market average and includes a generous benefits package that includes health insurance, 401Ks, and progressive PTO. You’ll work directly with committed professionals in a challenging (yet rewarding) environment designed to help you fulfill your potential.

Use industry-leading technology to be your most successful.

Continue your personal growth through different programs like monthly leadership programs, individual development plans, and training initiatives to utilize new technology.

"What drew me to MSH were the opportunities available to me. Every single leader at this company invests in you and wants you to succeed. I've experienced it firsthand and I think that's awesome to have in your career."
Alexa S.
Director of Talent Solutions, Florida
“There is a continuous commitment to growth and development from both leadership and peers here. My work is valued but more importantly, my authentic self is valued.”
Jeanne K.
Talent Acquisition Consultant, Florida
(Fun fact: Jeanne started with us as an intern!)
"It’s a great work environment where people are productive, compassionate with each other. I have been here for 10+ years and I've been able to grow personally and professionally as a leader."
Sutamra B.
Associate Director of Technology Solutions, India
"At MSH, you control your financial potential, grow personally and professionally, and get to work with down-to-earth, great people. I truly feel like the sky is the limit to hit my goals."
Josh G.
Director of Service Delivery, New York
"My employee experience can be summed up by a blank space - there is not one word that fits here! MSH has created a space where you can do and work on many things. It allows you to gain business acumen across a lot of different industries. It's nothing short of exciting."
Jorge M.
Client Delivery Manager, Florida
"The diversity of networking that I have been able to encounter since joining MSH has been life-changing. From exposure to new markets and accounts to sharpening my recruiting skills, I am thankful for the opportunity to work here!"
Mehak H.
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Texas

Frequently asked questions

What is the culture like?

-It's important that we emphasize people that take their work seriously without taking themselves too seriously.
- Accountability and high standards for performance while being met with empathy and hands-on collaboration.
- Willingness to learn new things/support many areas of business.
- If you invest in MSH, MSH is going to invest in you back.
- Ownership mentality.
- People that care about other people. Looking for purpose in their jobs and find meaning in helping others.

What will I learn?

Pull from job descriptions.

What is the work schedule like?

- We have a general structure that all of our regional offices follow. Monday is a full day in-office, Tuesday and Thursday are commute hybrid schedules, and Wednesday and Friday are fully remote.
- Ask TP about India team schedule.

What does growth look like at MSH?

We like to describe growth at MSH as a jungle gym instead of a "ladder." As we rapidly grow and scale our organization and our offerings, new roles and opportunities are created. With that, there is room to explore your interests and learn new specialities. There is a foundation for you to grow in your role, as well as pioneer new paths forward.
Growth at MSH looks like utilizing the resources and opportunities that are provided to you through training, personal development in 1x1 sessions, personal branding 1x1s, optional fitness challenges... there are many avenues for how growth is encouraged.

Why is this a good place for me to start my career?

- We provide exposure to many outlets of business.
- Different phases of an organization's development (startups to Forture 500)
- Exposure to different industries
- Exposure to different clients' needs
- Tech-forward org, innovative and collaborative minds around you
- You're going to grow foundational professional skills and also learn about all different aspects of career paths.

What's in it for me?

Pull from job descriptions.

Oz Rashid

I believe everybody deserves to enjoy what they do

I’m passionate about giving everyone the kind of job satisfaction that I myself experience.

Too often, people are just going through the motions or desperate to get home - and it breaks my heart!

Together, let’s create a positive change in workplaces around the world so our work can be meaningful instead of feeling comedized and soulless.

My ultimate drive is making an impact on as many lives as possible: this motivates me to establish something lasting with both my children and business endeavors - not setting for empty victories rather building exceptional systems that energize us every day.

Oz Rashid
Founder, MSH
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