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Harness the full potential of SAP with MSH at the helm. We specialize in integrating global business processes through SAP to build the efficient and error-free environment you need. Working as your trusted SAP partner, our team of skilled professionals delivers precise, data-driven SAP solutions, from seamless migration and bespoke implementation to robust administration and ongoing support.

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SAP ECC 6.0 has been a cornerstone ERP solution for a long time, but its upcoming end-of-life marks a pivotal yet anxiety-inducing moment for many organizations.

At MSH, we not only understand the intricacies of this transition but also excel in delivering industry-leading support to get you through it without a hitch.

When you partner with MSH, you're not just implementing a more advanced ERP system — you're joining forces with professionals who have been recognized by Forbes for their innovation and expertise. As a result, you can count on your operational efficiency and market-reach goals becoming significantly easier to attain.

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Understand your SAP landscape, business objectives, and potential hurdles with our tailored consultation services.

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Whether it's an upgrade, a new implementation, or a hybrid approach, our recommendations are customized to your specific needs.

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Our expert consultants partner with you to implement the chosen strategies with confidence, ensuring your success.

Our Trusted Advisors

Landon Cortenbach

Landon Cortenbach


As MSH's Chief Financial Officer, Landon Cortenbach brings a wealth of financial, operational, and technical leadership across various industries. Most notably, he facilitated the  fastest SAP implementation on record during his time at Magic Leap (confirmed by SAP/Deloitte). His experience also includes significant roles at major companies like Apple and Beats Electronics.

Sayan Bhattacharya

Sayan Bhattacharya

Managing Director

Bringing over a decade of experience in technology and management, Sayan is known for his dynamic approach. He has a notable history of transforming IT projects, combining extensive management expertise with a passion for technology, marked by his previous roles at global technology leaders.

Brandon Long

Brandon Long

Client Success Lead

Brandon spent 12 years at Deloitte delivering large scale digital transformation projects. He has vast experience ranging from Fortune 500 enterprise ERP implementation to very agile eComm implementation for smaller scale startup companies.

Bharath Mohan

Bharath Mohan

Offshore Technology Lead

Bharath is the offshore tech lead and has extensive experience in designing IT infrastructures and championing technology visions. His strategic insights and technical expertise ensure effective implementation of corporate technology strategies.

SAP Partnership Showcase

The case of a leading automobile dealing firm with $17+ in revenue highlights MSH's role in streamlining business operations through a Legacy Modernization Program.

MSH addressed challenges like unclear strategic visions, complex HR workflows, and unresponsive production support by implementing solutions such as joint workshops for understanding business workflows, re-engineering case management in key SAP modules, and focusing on simplicity and security during integrations.

The result was a more accurate financial overview, simplified workflows, and error-free data management, leading to significant cost savings and productivity improvements for the client.

SAP ERP Implementation


  • Lack of clarity on strategic vision & agreement on ERP project scope.
  • In the existing ERP system, implementation was 'Software Centric' instead of 'Business Centric'
  • Slow and complex HR workflows to manage increased workforce with the elevated business growth.
  • Production support was not responsive enough to handle operations-based changes


  • Joint workshop for understanding business, challenges, and workflows followed by a Gap Analysis and implementation plan
  • Re-engineer case management workflows in Finance (FI), Sales & Distribution (SD), and Human Capital Management (HCM) modules
  • Simplicity and security focused approach during integrations with vendors and partners
  • Module-wise detailed training to users that covers functionalities and workflows mapped to the business required


More accurate picture of margins and inventory which helped grow operations of various business under its umbrella

Better and dynamic view of the company's finance in sync with other modules such as CRM, HCM, SD, etc.

Simplified intuitive workflows within the application modules such as employee's problem resolution, TA costing, etc.

Gauranteed error-free data from the new ERP avoiding risks from manual data entry

25% Business Ops Cost Saving

30% Surge In Client Engagement

15% Improvement In Stakeholder Productivity

End-to-End SAP Services

SAP ECC 6 End Of Life Support

Transitioning from SAP ECC 6.0 can be daunting, but MSH makes it easy. We offer comprehensive support to migrate to more advanced systems, so you maintain business continuity and minimal disruption.

SAP S/4 HANA Implementation

Embrace the future with SAP S/4 HANA. MSH specializes in implementing this advanced ERP solution, enhancing your business processes with real-time data and improved performance.


Turn your data into insights with our SAP Business Intelligence and Business Warehouse services. MSH helps you implement and optimize these tools to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge.

SAP Azure

Leverage the power of the cloud with SAP on Azure. MSH offers solutions to migrate and manage your SAP environment in the cloud, providing scalability, flexibility, and enhanced security.

SAP SuccessFactors

Transform your human resources with SAP SuccessFactors. MSH assists in implementing this powerful solution to streamline HR processes, improve employee experiences, and drive better business results.

SAP Custom Development

Every business is different, and off-the-shelf solutions never fit perfectly. MSH excels in creating custom SAP developments, and tailoring solutions to fit your precise business requirements and goals.

Frequently asked questions

What is SAP ECC?

SAP ECC, or ERP Central Component, is a comprehensive software suite for enterprise resource planning, serving as the backbone of business operations for many organizations.

What is the timeline for SAP ECC 6.0 End Of Life?

SAP ECC 6.0 is approaching its end of life, with mainstream support ending in 2027 — signaling a crucial transition period for businesses relying on this system. A timeline this fast approaching means enterprises should be planning their next steps today.

How do I navigate the transition away from ECC 6.0?

To transition from ECC 6.0, organizations have three paths: a fresh start with a greenfield implementation for those with outdated systems, a direct upgrade to SAP S/4HANA for those with clean, issue-free ECC 6.0 systems, and a customized approach for the majority with complex systems, where MSH's expertise is crucial to navigate the change.

What is S/4HANA?

S/4HANA represents a leap in ERP technology, offering a more efficient, real-time system compared to traditional SAP ERP systems like ECC.

What other SAP technologies are you familiar with?

MSH specializes in a wide range of SAP technologies, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP BusinessObjects BI, SAP SuccessFactors, and many more.

How can I accelerate my migration or implementation?

The best way to accelerate is to establish a 24 x 5 cadence, incorporating offshore/nearshore teams. Keep a continuous workflow with handoffs in the mornings and evenings and leverage our PMO Center of Excellence for efficient scope management.

How can I add extra capacity to my teams during the design/build/test/deliver/support phase of the project?

Utilize MSH's transparent, flexible, and scalable solutions to enhance your team's capacity during key project stages. Augment your team where and when it is needed.

How can I get a 24x5 cadence going during a critical milestone for the project?

Leverage MSH's Global Delivery capabilities to expand your team across time zones — with our offices spanning from India, San Jose, Costa Rica, and beyond — ensuring round-the-clock progress for your project.

How can I reduce my reliance on the big consulting firms with big bill rates aka reduce my cost?

The big consulting firms don’t care about your budget — unless it is high. MSH offers flexible arrangements and competitive pricing to provide high-quality consulting without the hefty price tag of large firms.

How do I successfully expand my team offshore/nearshore?

Expanding offshore can seem impossible. But if you follow our Global Delivery model, which includes comprehensive onboarding and handoff oversight, you can tackle it like just another aspect of your project.

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