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We understand the pivotal role of a Product Manager in shaping the success of your products and services. Our recruitment approach is tailored to identify individuals who not only have the necessary skills but also align with your company's vision and culture.

We’re more than just another recruiter — we’re your strategic partners in building a dynamic and innovative team.

A product manager is not just a role—it's the driving force behind innovation, strategy, and the competitive edge in the marketplace.

We view product manager recruitment as a strategic endeavor, essential for shaping the very future of your products and business. We focus on identifying candidates who are not just skilled in product lifecycle management but also bring a visionary approach to innovation and strategy.

You need to prioritize finding individuals who align with your company's culture and values to lead your teams towards success. To help you get there, we leverage our extensive network and industry expertise so that each candidate we present is a perfect fit for your organization's long-term goals.

How it works

Speak with our team to conduct an assessment and determine the customized option that best fits YOUR program management needs.

plan development

Define your needs during our consultation

We start by understanding your specific needs for the product manager role and collaborate to uncover deeper organizational goals.

love your hires

Talent sourcing and screening

Utilizing our extensive network, we identify potential candidates who match your criteria. All potential candidates undergo a thorough screening to make sure they meet your technical and cultural requirements.

love your hires

Interview facilitation, hiring, and onboarding support

We facilitate the interview process, ensuring a seamless experience for both parties. Assistance in finalizing the best candidate and supporting their integration into your team.

Benefits of partnering with MSH to find your next product manager

The journey with MSH offers immense advantages. Here are a few key benefits you can expect from our partnership.

Expert matching

We go beyond the resume to ensure a harmonious match. We get into the nitty-gritty details of your company's culture and values and pair you with a Product Manager who not only excels in their field but also resonates with your organizational ethos.

Time efficiency

Our recruitment process is designed for speed and precision. By streamlining candidate sourcing and vetting, we significantly cut down the time it takes to fill your critical roles. You maintain momentum in your product development cycles, and lengthy hiring processes don't delay your strategic initiatives.

Quality candidates

Our network is your advantage. We provide access to a diverse pool of pre-vetted candidates, each with a proven track record in product management. These individuals are not just skilled in their domain — they are innovators and leaders who can bring fresh perspectives and drive to your projects.

Customized approach

Every organization is unique, and so are your recruitment needs. We tailor our search and selection process to align with your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for a visionary to lead a new product line or a tactical manager to refine existing processes, our customized approach ensures that we find the right fit for your unique challenges and goals.

Ongoing support

You need a smooth transition and integration into your team. That doesn’t stop after onboarding. We offer continuous support to both you and your new Product Manager to solidify the foundation for long-term success and guarantee that your new hire is well-positioned to contribute effectively from day one.

Frequently asked questions

What is product manager recruitment?

Product Manager Recruitment involves the process of sourcing, evaluating, and hiring individuals skilled in managing, planning, and executing product development strategies. Since they are the guiding force behind some of your most valuable assets, you don’t want to mess up in the recruiting process.

How do I select the best product manager recruiter to work with?

Your future product manager can make or break the entire execution of your project. So, choose a recruiter with a proven track record, deep understanding of the product management field, and one that aligns with your organizational values.

How do I know when to pull the trigger on product manager recruitment for my organization?

You don’t want to wait until disaster strikes and you’re sitting around waiting for your products’ success to turn around. Take a proactive approach. Consider recruiting a Product Manager when you need a strategic leader to guide product development, enhance team performance, or when scaling your product offerings.

Who will be my point of contact at MSH?

When you join forces with MSH, you're not left in the dark. You'll have a dedicated client account manager, your primary liaison, who will keep you clued in on the progress and partner with you closely to navigate towards success. You're in safe hands.

Why MSH?

With 8 global offices, our services combine start-up thinking with tried-and-true best practices. MSH ensures that you'll increase customer value, drive operational efficiency, and thrive in the marketplace - at a speed, scale, cost and quality previously unmatched.​

What are the terms of the partnership?

Talk cookie-cutter to someone else. The MSH way is all about customization. Partnership terms flex based on your specific needs—nothing more, nothing less. Let's get into the nitty-gritty during our first consultation.

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