Scale your technology team with high-quality, vetted professionals.

Companies work with us to quickly staff teams of 20 to 1,000. Build your sustainable team with great people who fit your unique culture.

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Your projects are behind because you're missing key positions.

In a competitive job market, people are leaving to take new positions. This adds stress to the managers left to pick up the slack. This puts strain on them, and their ability to deliver the caliber of work they desire.

Augment your current team, complete your project.

Your dedicated customer service manager will screen all candidates, coordinate interviews, and help you make the best hiring decisions.

plan development

Define your technical requirements

love your hires

Choose from list of qualified talent

love your hires

Love the hires you make

New candidates arrive in your hiring manager’s inbox within the first 72 hours of our engagement.
Jenn hired 800 people in three years to scale her healthcare team.

“MSH has been an integral part of that growth."
Jenn Crenshaw
Former Chief People Officer at Fast-Growing Healthcare Startup

Frequently asked questions

What are your global workforce capabilities?

MSH is a workforce provider with the ability to hire across the globe:
✅ Offshore
✅ Nearshore
✅ Onshore

Can you provide a breakdown of your IT services?

On-demand consulting, IT project outsourcing, MSP.

What are your existing partnerships?

Informatica and Azure Databricks.

What are some prior projects MSH has led?

Check out our case studies page.

Why MSH?

With 8 global offices, our services combine start-up thinking with tried-and-true best practices. MSH ensures that you'll increase customer value, drive operational efficiency, and thrive in the marketplace - at a speed, scale, cost and quality previously unmatched.​

What are the terms of the partnership?

If one-size-fits-all, does it really fit anybody?

Then why would anyone take this approach to hiring?

We sure as hell don't. MSH customizes each partnership and collaborates with you based on your unique needs.

You deserve to love the hires you make.

Oz Rashid

Hear more from Oz in the Hire Learning Podcast

I believe everybody deserves to enjoy what they do

I’m passionate about giving everyone the kind of job satisfaction that I myself experience.

Too often, people are just going through the motions or desperate to get home - and it breaks my heart!

Together, let’s create a positive change in workplaces around the world so our work can be meaningful instead of feeling comedized and soulless.

My ultimate drive is making an impact on as many lives as possible: this motivates me to establish something lasting with both my children and business endeavors - not setting for empty victories rather building exceptional systems that energize us every day.

Oz Rashid
Founder, MSH

Learn more about our people or joining the MSH team.

Staffing a project at the last minute is terribly difficult.

Don't wait until a staffing emergency hits to speak with our team. MSH moves fast and with a sense of urgency, but the best solutions will be preparedness. Speak with us about getting on your approved vendor list.

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