Designed To Deliver Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today.

Hiring has become increasingly complex and more nuanced than ever. There is no "one size fits all" solution to finding top talent. Our Packaged Talent Solutions offer a customizable approach to hiring the right people for your team.

Partnering with HR and Business Leaders to deliver a refreshing, consultative talent experience that allows you to hire who you want and when you want...
at the speed your business needs.

This service is designed for companies with a developed internal recruitment team, but require support with filling multiple roles with various seniority levels, in a specific time frame. This solution helps organizations who are experiencing acquisitions, high turnovers, workforce plan enhancements, or new product/services/project launches.

What you get:

  • Expertise within Clinical, Technology, Engineering, and Corporate
  • Dedicated team of Client Services Managers, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultants, Recruiting Coordinators, and Intelligence Analysts
  • Designed to handle high volumes of direct hire positions within a defined period of time
  • Customized engagement strategy resulting in a 30% increase in candidate responsiveness and brand awareness
  • Customized qualification strategy providing extensive behavioral, cultural, leadership, and technical evaluations
  • Grants MSH exclusivity on the positions for an established period of time, resulting in a substantial cost-of-hire decrease and candidate guarantees
  • Customized reporting and analytics

Selection Process Management

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End-to-End Strategic Workforce Solution

MSH helps a leading U.S. automotive retailer optimize its workforce processes—providing comprehensive strategic guidance, talent acquisition management, vendor management, and other added support.

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