Landon Cortenbach

Chief Financial Officer and CxO

2 episodes of the Office daily
Loves to play golf (self-proclaimed best golfer at MSH)
162 Dodgers games watched every year
Junior Achievement USA

"Chase happiness and passion, never money or status. Seek a life of genuine fulfillment and the rest will take care of itself. Life is too short to be unhappy."

Landon Cortenbach, Chief Financial Officer, brings dynamic Financial, Operational, and Technical leadership experience to the MSH team spanning industries and company trajectories (startup to Fortune 50). Since joining the MSH team at the end of 2020, Landon has made a significant impact on MSH’s commercial finance function focusing on cost optimization, data transparency, and working with external finance networks to drive MSH’s audacious growth forecast. Among the list of notable companies Landon has worked prior to MSH: Apple, Beats Electronics, Magic Leap. His experience across some of the world’s most transformational technology organizations will be a key driver of MSH’s proprietary tech platform and software buildout.

While Landon brings years of experience and expertise to MSH, his differentiator is his passionate belief in a people-first culture. Landon has a stellar reputation for building world class teams and a proven history of executing large scale enterprise programs, which are table stakes to have success at an organization like MSH.


Family, people, learning, and solving problems.


Humility, obsession with learning (and creating a learning culture), desire to invest in people, creating an environment of psychological safety.


A lot of companies exist in the same space as us. Our difference is our people and our deep care for our clients and their success. We do not view success as a transaction. We view success as a long lasting partnership where MSH can continually demonstrate its value for our clients.

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