"I strive to learn from others, be challenged, and grow."

Jennifer is driven by solving big problems. She leads technical operations teams that take complex organizational strategies and break them into their most productive and profitable parts. She also build and leads hard charging, bottom-line focused, top performing teams and work for organizations that value their people as much as their technology and process. 

With a proven background in growing and scaling early-stage technology organizations (pre and post Series A), Jennifer has a core focus on operational, technology and financial foundation to drive productive change.

What motivates you?

Learning, being pushed outside of my comfort zone, working hard, doing good.

What makes a great leader?

It’s all about the people. All other things follow – strategy, data, technology and process.

Why choose MSH as a talent solutions/technology solutions firm?

People and superior delivery of service.

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Jobs have been recommendations / referrals from friends or colleagues

years doing crossfit