Through leading best practices, we deliver impactful cloud solutions to drive business goals forward.

The changing times and the disruptive models are accelerating the Cloudification of Businesses–making it the new normal. We tailor the solutions that suits the business needs and transform it through the "Need to Want to Desire"  Journey. We help you not only to achieve this new normal but also optimize your IT operating model across the below stated dimensions:

  • Size – The volume of business and IT systems
  • Criticality – The seriousness of the system availability
  • Integrations – The interdependencies in the ecosystem
  • Cost – The optimization of money through strategic migration
  • Profile – The portfolio of systems for the shift

Our solutions leverage new-age tools and technologies to accelerate communication, collaboration, integration, and automation to remove bottlenecks in business operations, ensuring agile delivery for innovation. As cloud transformation consultants, we apply lean and agile principles across the cloud lifecycle, thereby improving the processes while fostering innovation and enabling a responsive feedback mechanism.

Embrace us for your Cloud Transformation Journey and enable your business arms with the new wings of disruption. Be it the Strategy or the Change. Whether it is the Security or the Quality. Should it be the DevOps or the Automation. We have got your back. You do not need any extraordinary value, but you need the values which are truly valuable for your needs.

Our Capabilities:

MSH brings you a full set of cloud services that drive you to achieve optimum gains yielded by cloud. Cloud transformation becomes possible only with a right enablement of People (Skillset), Process (Framework) and Technology (Platform).

Cloud Strategy

Strategize your entire Cloud Transformation journey with the help of our industry subject matter experts and our cloud strategies for business model. The entire strategy and planning get the final finishing touch with our Change Management Plan to accelerate ROI and performance.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your desired systems to cloud using our Cloud Migration Services powered by the industry’s leading Cloud Partners. The Rapid Cloud Migration capabilities are fueled by our proven Plan-Migrate-Monitor-Tune (PMMT) methodology.

Cloud Security

Any advancement and modernization cannot be imagined without the security and safety. Therefore, our Cloud Security services amalgamated with those of Cloud providers ensures your systems are not compromised and are safe at each level.

Cloud Testing

You are assured about your end-to-end cloud transformation journey and functions with our proven Cloud Testing Service which validates complete system’s stability, compliance, availability, scalability, multi-tenancy, security, and upgrades across Applications, Networks, and Infrastructure.

Cloud DevOps and Automation

Leverage our industry-proven and accepted framework for DevOps Services and Processes to accelerate the growth and advancement of your entire IT system. Automate the automation to evolve continuously in the era of non-stop improvement journey.