Our team of experts will partner with you to explore the best digital paths that will improve efficiency, optimization, and results.

Digital transformation goes beyond any one tool or piece of technology. It leverages many different technologies to create value and new services for various stakeholders (customers in the broadest possible sense), innovate and acquire the capabilities to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. The development of new competencies is fostered to turn the businesses into a more agile, people-oriented, transformative, customer-centric and aligned to leverage on the opportunities. Emerging technologies and digitalized business models have transformed the industrial ecosystem and disrupted the ways of working.

We help you throughout the journey of Digital Transformation in implementing the solutions to align your business and technology needs and transform it through the ‘New ways of working’. We enable you with the Digital adoption and absorption process through our Digital Transformation frameworks and methodology by ensuring the 4 key elements of a successful business modernization given below.

User Experience – Our strategy is to put constant focus on achieving the best user experience both inside and outside your organization. Our Consultants always thrives to design from end user’s perspective and not just pushing something that we are comfortable with. An Intuitive User Experience helps the business to get rid of half of the troubles in communicating its existence with the end users.

System Novelty – Our methodologies continuously foster to bring novelty in every aspect of the systems and user touch points. Whether it is an internal stakeholder, a partner or a customer, everyone wants something new in using the systems and consuming the experience in the continuously upgrading world. It not only helps in rejuvenating the experience but also enhances the brand image.

Connected Ecosystem – We believe in the thought of having connectivity across the chain including applications, supply chain, people, and practices. As we said, Digital Transformation goes beyond technology upgrades, it becomes extremely necessary that all other elements of the Digital ecosystem are in sync and aligned to the ultimate goal complementing interdependencies on each other.

Uninterrupted Process – How would you feel about a few interruptions while using an application in your day-to-day business? It not only delays the process but suppress the interest of the user in achieving the outcome through the provided digital means. Therefore, our team assures wholistic coverage of the entire digital needs to achieve a flawless and uninterrupted operations and services which are scalable and sustainable for future needs.

Digital Transformation is a journey which is impossible without you or us individually. It is a mutual and collective effort to enable your business with the new wings of advancements. To achieve this transformation, you do not need some rocket science or series of new acquisitions. A well-defined strategy, in-depth written plan, accountably executed approach and wisely monitored mechanism across the transforming dimensions does wonders.   


Our Digital Transformation Framework


Our Digital Transformation Services:

As an organization grows, it adopts an increasing number of new age applications that streamlines the management of business functions. MSH helps you with the Digital Transformation through a wholistic set of services that modernizes your business with multi-fold growth. This transformation becomes possible with a right enablement of People, Process, Technology and Culture.

Application Modernization

Your legacy systems, which exhibited remarkable business growth once, have become obsolete now. That is why Application Modernization is the next step for your business to rejuvenate the outdated applications and processes such as ERPs, CRMs, etc. into their modern Avatars. Rapidly evolving applications across the business ecosystem to keep up the pace with time is becoming more and more imperative to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. MSH helps you to achieve all these allowing your business to innovate at speed and scale while reducing technical backlogs. For enterprises seeking Application Modernization Solutions, MSH provides solutions as specified below.

  • UI/UX Modernisation
  • Application Replatforming
  • DevOps & Automation

API Management

With the explosion of Application culture, applied to every business process, the API Ecosystem has risen significantly. This has been steered by the need for data and services in the Digital ecosystem. We are interconnected in the world with numerous application touchpoints and social media. To handle such a huge number of APIs, we need a good API management mechanism in place that benefit the firms by centralizing control over their API integrations while maintaining the standards and security in parallel. Therefore, we help you support with your required API type such as RESTFUL, SOAP, XML-RPC & JSON-RPC. For enterprises seeking API Management Solutions, MSH provides solutions as specified below.

  • API Development
  • API Enhancement
  • API Support

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is the next step for businesses to integrate legacy applications, hardware systems, business processes and modern technologies such as ERPs, CRMs, Cloud etc. MSH’s Enterprise Application Integration services include web service integration, data integration solutions, microservice architecture solutions, content integration and business processes solutions for different industries. Our team implements the methodologies that leverages the technologies to complement your traditional Integration models, streamline processes and enhance ROI. For enterprises seeking Enterprise Application Integration Solutions, MSH provides solutions as specified below.

  • Integration Platform Implementation
  • Application & Database Integration
  • Maintenance of Application Integrations
  • B2B Integrations

Full Stack Development

To keep pace with the modern times when technology is booming at a bullet speed, businesses are shifting from a specialist to a full stack engineer who are equipped with development skills of all the layers that are important to bring your ideas to reality. Full Stack development being the new trend of the N-dimensionally growing business, MSH brings you with Full Stack development services that includes frontend, backend, database management, and other necessary elements.  You may choose to hire full stack developers across a variety of technology stacks including MEAN, MERN, LAMP, Laravel / PHP, Java, etc. For enterprises seeking Full Stack Development Solutions, MSH provides solutions as specified below.

  • Product Development
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development