We leverage proven methodologies, emerging technologies, and a flexible delivery model to provide data-driven solutions.

Data is critical to how businesses innovate today and differentiate from the competition using the latest in advanced data analytics concepts and data techniques. But data by itself is not a solution to a problem. The demand for generating greater actionable business insights requires the foundation to deliver it right, aided by evolved processes. An intelligence-powered ecosystem transformation is the product of a strategic vision, in-depth understanding, and analysis of the business need. It is about building a robust, secure, and scalable foundation using new-age techniques and proven technologies, with a measurable, actionable plan.

At MSH, we help you in managing your data management needs through our Enterprise Data solutions. It helps you to focus more on your business rather than to worry about how to handle the data that matters to you. We take care of your data ecosystem across the following 5 dimensions to ensure your data fuel your business growth.

  • Volume – Devise a strategy to scale with the volume of your data.
  • Value – Identify the data points which matter the most to your business growth.
  • Velocity – Build a data pipeline strategy which can accommodate your data velocity.
  • Variety – Build a Data Lake which can accommodate all kinds of data sources in your ecosystem.
  • Veracity – Build an ecosystem and insights platform which you can trust.

Our Capabilities

MSH helps you with the Enterprise Data Management Transformation through a complete set of services that modernizes your data ecosystem and saves you a good amount of effort, time, and money. This becomes possible with wise management, through assessment of data needs, creating a data strategy, effective planning, and sharp execution followed by a monitoring mechanism.

 Data Warehouse Modernization

As cloud data warehouse technology evolves, data warehouse modernization becomes critical to ensuring that enterprises have timely access to the data and analytics they need to compete. Data warehouse modernization enables the data warehouse environment to meet quickly changing business requirements, provide support for new data sources, and rapidly iterate new solutions. Traditional ETL tools can be difficult to use and lack the automation that can help reduce the time, cost, and risk of data warehousing projects. For enterprises seeking leading data warehouse modernization solutions, MSH provides solutions as specified below.

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization
  • Data Warehouse Pipeline Automation
  • Data Warehouse Migration to AWS
  • Data Warehouse Migration to Azure
  • Data Warehouse Migration to GCP

Data Lake Implementation

With the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data from disparate data sources, today’s enterprises need data lakes to get a 360-degree view of data points to drive business growth. Using Big Data technologies MSH assists enterprises to set up Data Lakes, which hold structured and unstructured data securely. For enterprises seeking data lakes solutions, MSH provides solutions as specified below.

  • Data Lake Assessment and Tools Evaluation
  • Data Lake Design and Build
  • Data Lake Administration

Data Science and Analytics

Data by itself has no measurable business value unless we apply advanced techniques, modern technologies, and domain expertise to yield profitable insights. At MSH, we believe Data Science – the conversion of data into understandable and usable information – is a significant step forward in the evolution of business intelligence. MSH offers data science consulting services that are empowering businesses and organizations with advanced analytics and data science strategies to the extent of predicting their future. By combining our business intelligence, data warehousing, and Big Data expertise with advanced analytical and statistical techniques, we provide meaningful added value to your analytics initiatives. For enterprises seeking advanced analytics solutions, MSH provides solutions as specified below.

  • Predictive Modelling
  • Data Visualization & Analytics
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Deep Learning
Our Capabilities Include:
  • Legacy Data Warehouse Migration
  • Data Lake Implementation
  • Data Science and Analytics

Our Custom Models Include:
  • Project-Based Deployments
    • Onsite
    • Offshore
  • Hybrid Delivery Model
  • Managed Services Model