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Hiring Experience

The HR Leader’s Guide To High Volume Hiring

Unlock the secrets to successful high volume hiring. Learn effective strategies for large-scale recruitment and make your next hiring phase a triumph with MSH.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

The Director of Talent Acquisition’s Guide To On Demand Recruitment

Discover how on-demand recruitment can streamline your hiring process, ensuring you get the right talent when you need it most. Learn more with MSH.


The Top Nurse Practitioner Recruitment Firms In 2024

Our top 8 nurse practitioner recruitment firms in 2024. Use these picks to hire staff that you can count on long term.

The Hire Learning podcast will help you identify and engage top talent

Oz Rashid hosts a series of raw, honest, and entertaining conversations with top-performing business leaders in the Hire Learning podcast


Talent Optimization, Defining Success and Taking the Road Less Traveled

Featuring Matt Poepsel, VP at The Predictive Index

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