Chance Davis

Senior Vice President, Global Technology

Lives in Colorado
Works out every morning
Loves to play golf
Boys and Girls Club of America

“Thinking outside the box” isn’t just a saying. It’s a mindset.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Chance brings 26 years of Global Technology Leadership and IT Service management experience to the table. He is an expert in business development, team leadership, client relationship management, strategic account development, and customer needs assessments, and has hit the ground running expanding and enhancing our Technology Solutions business.


On a personal level, I root for the underdog and am passionate about supporting the disadvantaged. It is my belief that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed and it is a privilege to play a part in making that happen. I also love sports (let's go, Raiders!) and I believe that they have instilled in me a drive to push beyond boundaries to achieve greatness.

On a professional level, I am committed to upholding the values of sales leadership, open communication, integrity, and exceptional customer service. I believe that it is important to lead with a servant leadership mentality and to be compassionate in my interactions with my team members and clients alike.


Great leaders possess a balance of transparency, empathy, and accountability. They are transparent in their communication, empathetic towards their team's needs, and hold themselves and their team accountable. This balance is essential to effective leadership, and is something I strive to demonstrate to my team members. I would hope that people consider me a mentor, and as a leader that they can seek advice from and have a positive relationship with.


Nearly every company needs a digital strategy that keeps pace with evolving technologies and customer needs, but the challenge is finding a cost-effective solution that integrates seamlessly, while providing a distinct competitive advantage. MSH serves as a true partner to our customers, modernizing technology and deploying solutions that empower them to succeed.

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