Thapaswini Srinivas

Head of Human Resources, India

Thapaswini Srinivas
Eats a lot when angry
Loves to sing and has a YouTube channel
Passionate about making macrame for Interior Decoration
Voiceless, The Animal Protection Institute

"Every opportunity that knocks on your door has its positive & negative sides. There is nothing called a Better Opportunity, it is up to you what matters the most and how you make use of it by experiencing it."

Thapaswini is a Senior HR Business Partner & a certified Strategic Technology Recruiter responsible for Managing Daily Operations, Continuous Performance Management, Compensation & Benchmarking, Rewards & Recognition along with In House Talent Acquisition as a growth hacking recruiter working for a Technology Solutions, Talent Solutions, & Product Development Company. She is known for helping companies hire more effectively with fewer resources than their competition. To date, she has helped more than 200 experienced Engineering Professionals to find jobs.

At MSH, her responsibilities include the building the firms brand strategies, attracting top Talent while retaining existing employees. She also planned and implemented a "Right Seat, Right Hire" program which contributed towards maximizing retention with minimal attrition.


My passion in anything I do motivates me to keep going and I am least dependent on extrinsic motivation to do my work. In short, I am self-motivated. But I would be very happy when there is a consideration for my hard work and recognized accordingly.


No human being is perfect. A leader should be capable of identifying one's Strengths & Weaknesses to guide them in the right direction so that they excel in their strengths and improve their weakness. A leader should empower the team to set an example.


We are strategic Professionals who are skilled in delivering resources to clients in a short span by building their team. Be it a startup or well-established firm, the MSH Team has the capability to sell the brand to the market and attract talent.

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