A Strong Workforce Begins With a Strong Search Process.

Working in close collaboration with our clients, we establish customized search strategies that empower them to find and acquire talent that will drive their critical business objectives.


Professional Search Services is the permanent placement division of MSH. Our specialized recruiting consultants have thorough experience in identifying and attracting professional-level talent to executive-level management. This solution is offered through a retained, exclusive, or contingent model.

Our professional search services are targeted to companies who need immediate solutions and/or additional support attracting and attaining talent to their organization. This solution guarantees high-quality candidates, a low time to fill, and a competitive price advantage. Our team of recruitment professionals are trained to conduct behavioral, cultural, and technical assessments that allow us to thoroughly analyze the candidate’s capabilities, and their likelihood to excel within the organization. The seniority of the candidates sourced within this solution vary from independent contributors, to leadership level executives.


Our Professional Search Services include...

Executive Search: This service is designed for clients looking to hire top-level executives who are unable to fill the role internally for various reasons. These searches are typically time sensitive and due to the level of the professional, their skill set is complicated to measure. MSH uses our own exclusive assessment to understand candidates’ competencies, personality traits, drivers, and skill set, which is then used to measure the candidate’s compatibility with the role. Additional assessments are performed on demand and customized depending on client needs.

Packaged Talent Solutions: This service is designed for companies with a developed internal recruitment team, but require support with filling multiple roles with various seniority levels, in a specific time frame. This solution grants MSH exclusivity on the placements and in return provides our clients with lower pricing and guaranteed hires.

Direct Hire Services: This service is ideal for companies with a strong human resources department or internal recruitment team that require support with filling a role, either on a contingent or exclusive basis. This includes: reviewing client-provided job descriptions, conducting candidate research, screening candidates, coordinating interviews, and negotiating job offers.

Selection Process Management

Our unique Selection Process Management methodology ensures that we ask the right questions, find the right people, and support hires that are more aligned to your business goals.



We ask the right questions to gain the deepest understanding of your specific talent needs and your unique corporate culture, and use that knowledge to build comprehensive candidate profiles and job descriptions.


We then leverage extensive functional experience, advanced technology, and innovative tactics to research, identify, and create a database of viable candidates in the fastest and most cost effective way.



Acting as a seamless extension of your organization, our team begins connecting with candidates and building a talent community, while simultaneously promoting your employer brand and getting candidates excited about working for your company.


We see beyond job descriptions and resumes, accounting for less tangible, but just as crucial factors such as behavior, motivation, transferable skills, and cultural fit to ensure that each candidate is perfectly qualified to fill your need.



We present only the very best matches, allowing our clients to simply select from a group of highly qualified and aligned candidates to interview.


We also manage the entire interview process for you—conducting or sitting in on interviews at every stage, and providing expert recommendations along the way.



Once candidates have been selected, we extend the offer on your behalf.


The work isn’t complete once our candidate starts their new role. At MSH we want to ensure a successful hire for the long term. That changes our approach in onboarding, tracking productivity ramp up, and overall hiring manager satisfaction.

Comprehensive Post-Merger Integration Support

MSH helps one of the world’s largest private equity firms support a $15 billion merger by delivering an integration strategy, execution, IT governance, global talent acquisition, and strategic outsourcing.

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