Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Each of our RPO services are fully customizable in scope and scale, and are designed to easily adapt to business changes.

From search to onboarding, from strategy development to process management, we can handle entire recruitment processes on behalf of our clients—seamlessly integrating with your internal HR department along the way.

RPOs are designed for clients who wish to transfer all or part of their recruitment process to an outsourced provider. MSH provides the technology, methodologies, and reporting to successfully manage a talent acquisition sub-function. This service offers customizable solutions that cater to your business needs, provides significant cost reductions, allows for scalable on-demand resources, and the option of on-site or off-site support. MSH assumes ownership of the recruitment process and we hold ourselves accountable to providing the best service possible for each clients.


This service is intended for clients who wish to outsource their talent acquisition team. This solution includes integrating a dedicated team of professionals such as a client service manager, a reporting director, talent consultants, recruiting coordinators, and sourcing analysts. It delivers the knowledge and expertise you need to successfully manage your regional or global recruitment efforts, while allowing you to more easily scale your recruitment efforts up or down. The team is responsible for full-cycle recruitment, reporting, talent acquisition strategy, vendor management, employer branding, and other additional HR initiatives.


This service is intended for clients who either have a developed campus program or wish to implement one. Our service solutions vary from program design and development, to execution and coordination. Our team of campus professionals has experience working with top universities on a global scale, has successfully coordinated and managed numerous sell days, and has the knowledge and expertise to advise in international labor law.

End-to-End Strategic Workforce Solution

MSH helps a leading U.S. automotive retailer optimize its workforce processes—providing comprehensive strategic guidance, talent acquisition management, vendor management, and other added support.

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