Managed Quality Assurance & Software Test Advisory

By collaborating with your software development team, our enterprise managed testing services help you resolve major software issues faster while delivering a frictionless experience.

Validating the Future of Modern and Legacy Businesses

In the era of continuous disruption in the business and technology landscape, enterprises struggle to setup a comprehensive Quality Assurance and testing process. Therefore, the businesses are shifting their ideology from 'Quality assurance as a liability' to 'Quality Assurance as an investment' to achieve seamless customer experience and avoid losses incurred due to negligence. Keeping our customer’s defect free software delivery needs at the core of enterprise IT landscape, we provide a comprehensive suite of Quality Assurance services by leveraging best in class methodology, frameworks, tools and global delivery model.

Our suite of Quality Assurance practice is based on the CRAFT Framework to provide best-in-class solutions to enhance Quality Assurance practice of our customers.

  • Clarity – Our engagement model provides transparency and clarity by providing real-time updates on Test KPIs to all the stakeholders involved in the Quality Assurance.
  • Reliability – Our engagement model ensures reliability by leveraging 24x5 or 24x7 global delivery models to ensure required coverage needed for our customers to meet the quality assurance execution timeline.
  • Agility – We adopt agile mindset in our quality assurance engagements to match the sprint velocity of development teams.
  • Flexibility – Our engagement models are flexible and tailored to meet the constantly changing business and technical requirements.
  • Totality – Our engagement model ensures in-depth coverage, so the totality of all the aspects of quality assurance is addressed.

Our Capabilities

With the increasing adaptation of Continuous Improvement and DevOps culture, the wall between the development and testing teams has been broken down. The implementation of the right tools, technologies, and best practices with a blend of cultural shift in the mindsets are taking over the traditional testing activities required for organizations to evolve to a zero-defect stage of applications.

MSH’s bucket of QA Services are built on the thought process of viewing big picture and taking small steps. You will get fully assured and quality checked software that you can rely on since the services that we offer are built based on proven methodologies, agile delivery model, and best-in-class talent.

Test Advisory Services

A right strategy, process, tool, and governance is very much important for any Testing activity to be carried out and achieve the desired results. If you lack any of this and need an external expertise on this, you can rely on us. If you already have all of it, Fantastic! Still, you can increase test coverage and decrease costs by our Test Advisory Services through assessment of processes, tools, and skills. For enterprises seeking Test Advisory Solutions, MSH provides solutions as specified below.

  • Agile DevOps Advisory
  • Test Capability Advisory
  • Test Benchmark Advisory
  • Test Automation Advisory
  • Test Tools Advisory

Test Automation

Quality Assurance has become an integral part and crucial part in modern SDLC practices such as Agile Development, DevOps, and CI-CD. Therefore, it has given rise to a need for robust Test Automation Framework to achieve reusability, faster go to market and eliminate redundancy. It helps to ensure high reusability of Test assets, ease of maintenance, and low upfront costs leading to quick turnaround time. For enterprises seeking Test Automation Solutions, MSH provides solutions as specified below.

  • Test Automation Implementation Framework
  • In-sprint Automation
  • Regression Test Automation
  • Tool based Test Automation

Performance Engineering

Companies lose business due to negligence in the performance of applications. With the disparate application architecture, third-party integrations, and multiple user devices in place, assurance of these systems’ performance becomes extremely critical. We help you validate the applications and other systems in terms of the load, stress, strain, spike tests, and response times. For enterprises seeking Performance Testing Solutions, MSH provides solutions as specified below.

  • Application Performance Testing
  • Data Warehouse Performance Testing
  • API and Integration Performance Testing
  • Cloud-based Performance Testing

Data Assurance

In today's fast-paced world, data is the lifeblood of businesses. It's essential to ensure that your data management systems are up to par and capable of handling the vast amounts of data you generate. From ensuring that your data is in the right format and type to maintaining its integrity, every parameter must be scrutinized. That's where we come in - our Enterprise Data Assurance solutions take the hassle out of managing your data, so you can focus on what really matters - your business. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, we have tailored solutions that meet your unique needs:

  • Data Migration Testing
  • Data Warehouse Testing
  • Test Data Provisioning and Management
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