Scale your team with high-quality, vetted professionals.

Companies work with us to quickly staff teams of 20 to 1,000. Build your sustainable team with great people who fit your unique culture.


You're frustrated with the quality of talent you see.

It's difficult to fill positions when applicants are not properly vetted. You have more open roles than you can fill, but candidate pools remain shallow and your hiring managers are about to break.

Hire the right people quickly

MSH integrates into your team and culture to understand your specific people needs. Your exclusive customer service manager will screen all candidates, coordinate interviews, and help you make the best hiring decisions.

plan development

Develop your hiring plan

love your hires

Choose from list of candidates

love your hires

Love the hires you make

New candidates arrive in your hiring manager’s inbox within the first 72 hours of our engagement.
Jenn hired 800 people in three years to scale her healthcare team.

“MSH has been an integral part of that growth."
Jenn Crenshaw
Former Chief People Officer at Fast-Growing Healthcare Startup

Frequently asked questions

How can I get started?

You'll get connected with your dedicated Client Partnerships Leader to meet and discuss challenges and resource gaps. Then MSH moves quickly to fill those gaps.

What kinds of healthcare roles do you hire for?

We specialize in skilled clinician roles across all specialties including:

✔️ Registered nurses
✔️ Nurse practitioners
✔️ Physician assistants
✔️ Pharmacists
✔️ Social workers
✔️ Physicians
✔️ Clinical leadership

What is my contractual obligation?

MSH offers flexible agreements with terms that are customizable to your needs.

How quickly can we begin a partnership?

As soon as you're ready. At MSH, teams are adaptable and have the ability to scale up or down based on demand.

Is there a guarantee period?

We'll keep it short and sweet: your success is our success.

MSH offers a 90-day candidate guarantee or a free replacement will be found.

Nothing is more important to us than finding the right people for your team.

Will I love the hire I’ve made?


Hiring is an art and a science. Just call us Picasso (or Bill Nye... Whatever floats your boat).

Oz Rashid

Hear more from Oz in the Hire Learning Podcast

I believe everybody deserves to enjoy what they do

I’m passionate about giving everyone the kind of job satisfaction that I myself experience.

Too often, people are just going through the motions or desperate to get home - and it breaks my heart!

Together, let’s create a positive change in workplaces around the world so our work can be meaningful instead of feeling comedized and soulless.

My ultimate drive is making an impact on as many lives as possible: this motivates me to establish something lasting with both my children and business endeavors - not setting for empty victories rather building exceptional systems that energize us every day.

Oz Rashid
Founder, MSH

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