On August 3, MSH held its first ever “Tech on Tap” event, an AutoNation-branded networking event targeting South Florida technologists from numerous Enterprise Fortune 500 companies.

Hosted at Stache in Fort Lauderdale, the goals for the event were twofold: identify promising attendees and invite them to interviews following the event, and get the local technology market excited about what’s happening at AutoNation in technology.

Approximately 125 people attended the networking event to mingle with more than 20 key hiring leaders, as well as MSH’s AutoNation Recruitment team. They enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and drinks, while learning about the company culture, technology, and long-term vision.

Attendees also had the opportunity to hear AutoNation’s CTO and Head of Digital Technology speak about how AutoNation is transforming the automotive retail industry, and how it’s all being driven by technology.

Typically, “networking” events are an open forum for anyone to attend. However, MSH took a much more targeted approach to this “Tech on Tap” event—hand-selecting invitees with specific skills and backgrounds that are a strong match with AutoNation’s hiring needs. 

“The Tech on Tap hiring event was a huge success,” said Joel Keller, Lead IT Recruiter for AutoNation and one of the driving forces behind the event. “Out of 75+ skill-specific candidates in attendance, we’ve already hired five and are the process of onboarding them. Currently, we also have 10 more candidates in the interview process! At the end of the day, Tom, our CTO, and his development team were extremely satisfied with the turnout and hope to see many more events like this in the future.”

Autonation Recruiting Event