"You have to know how to be your best self before you can teach others how to be their best."

Kurt uses strategic insight, optimized solutions, and a collaborative approach to provide talent solution programs to clients, from implementation to support—managing external partnerships and internal delivery teams.  He specializes in aligning Talent Solutions specific to client needs, understanding the client business, internal operations, and Talent acquisition alignment; helping to identify gaps and implement cost-efficient scalable solutions.

Kurt joined MSH in 2011 after graduating from Florida State University with a bachelor's degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering. He has held various roles within research, recruiting, client services, and management, and currently leads the implementation and delivery programs for MSH's onsite Recruitment Processing Outsourcing initiatives.

What’s your favorite part about working at MSH?

You have the ability to make an impact in so many ways. You can help yourself personally (financially and intellectually), you can help other employees build their careers and financial success, and you can truly help customers grow their business.

The ability to lead by example or lead by coaching, knowing that you have to be your best self before you can teach others how to be their best.

What’s your advice to the job seekers of the world?

Know what you are good at and what careers you would enjoy. Find which options align, then pursue! If you can find something that you enjoy, but are also good at, you will set yourself up for success.

Why choose MSH as a talent solutions firm?

We have the ability to take direction and advise when needed. We have a high quality and efficient service that allows companies to achieve their ultimate objective: GROWING and providing a valuable service to customers.


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