People Are Our Purpose.

MSH focuses on employing people who create competitive advantage – for us, and for our clients.

At MSH we have many long-held beliefs, but one that is at the center of what we do is that ultimately people – or more accurately the right people – are a competitive advantage in business. In fact we think the primary difference in being Number 1 or Number 10 in your industry is how well you develop, retain, and yes select talent into your company. This is not only something we advise our clients about, its something we live day in and day out.

Because at the end of the day our clients want talented and committed people, helping them identify talented and committed people for their organizations. They want partner with people they can trust, who will listen, and who they can count on during the most challenging of times.

We could talk all day about well we treat our employees. But we would rather you ask them! What we can say for certain is that we take investing in our people seriously. And that investment leads to better experiences and results for our clients and candidates.

Our values include

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Customer Focus

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Below are some of the ways we make people OUR differentiator

Training Commitment: At MSH, while task productivity is important, we ensure employee development is on equal footing. Not only do we leverage numerous channels to train our team and do it more often, but what we train is unique as well. We are looking to grow business people, not just specialists. We want team members who understand your business, what your business objectives are, and understand the big picture when engaging with our customers. Our team members are trained on each client they work with so they sound and feel like an extension of you and your firms values rather than a typical agency. Whether we focus our continuous training on the latest in technology, diversity and inclusion hiring practices, recruitment process, or even managing work/life balance – MSH is committed to developing our team both individually and collectively. To the benefit of the customers and candidates we support.

Selection/Hiring: If you are going to advise your clients on best practices when it comes to hiring top talent, then you better be doing a good job of it yourself. Hiring is hard – no one gets it right 100% of the time. Even us. But our selection process focuses on behavior traits, values alignment, learning agility, and similar motivations over skills and experience. This approach has led to a high success rate in whom we hire, how quickly they get productive and how long they stay with our company. What does that mean for you? Low attrition, a standard experience you can rely on, and empathic understanding of you and your business needs.

Client Services Managers (CSM): As we worked to develop an organization that created a unique experience for candidates and clients, one of the traditional paradigms we wanted to eradicate was the standard structure of Sales/Account Managers with Recruiters reporting into them. First, we felt this created a push and pull that was not to the benefit of our customers in terms of positive outcomes. Additionally, we felt this gave recruiting a commoditized feel and wanted them to be equal partners with our sales team. And most importantly we wanted there to be market expertise both for our clients as they needed advisement, and for our junior recruiters who needed a credible lead to help them identify tough to find top talent. Enter the Client Services Manager. The title isn’t unique, but the position is. Our Client Services Managers have a vested interest in both our customers and the candidates, drive market insights through their own individual contribution working with clients, and provide service levels typically unseen in standard structures. Our customer focus is a key pillar to our organization’s success, and the CSM is a key driver of that client satisfaction and generation of positive outcomes!

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