Oz Rashid

CEO and Founder

19+ Years of Experience
Proud University of Arizona grad
3 Books Read per Month
Junior Achievement of South Florida

“If you care about your work and are engaged in continually developing yourself, you can drive your career anywhere you want it to go.”

With a true passion for manifesting a hiring revolution, Oz is an engaging leader and enthusiastic champion for all things talent and technology. He leverages proven best practices, a highly consultative approach, and genuine ingenuity to lead the development of talent solutions that translate to bottom-line business results. In his role, he is also responsible for leading business development, delivery, and operations across all of MSH’s global locations, as well as driving the vision and long-term strategy for the organization.

Prior to establishing MSH in 2011, Oz served as the Sr. Director of Service Delivery for a top HR consulting and talent acquisition firm—leading the design and implementation of a delivery platform. Oz is a graduate of the University of Arizona and holds a degree in Business & Communications.


Making an impact, a difference—whether that’s by improving employees’ day-to-day lives, helping our clients achieve better outcomes, connecting candidates to jobs, or driving transformational change within our industry.


Being a great leader is 90% about your actions and 10% about what you say. You have to lead by example—if people see that your actions align with your words, it will make your voice more impactful.


We’re different, more holistic. Instead of seeing our work as a transaction, we take a consultative approach to delivering our solutions. We’re ahead of the curve when it comes to industry standards, ensuring our customers pay the right price for the right results, and feel good about it along the way.

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