Samantha Adler

Vice President, People Operations

Samantha Adler
Works out everyday
from 5:45-6:45 am
Bucket list goal is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Favorite food is sushi
Touch A Heart Foundation

"We have the power to choose."

Sami oversees the people experience for MSH. She leads the North America HR team, working closely with both our internal recruiter, HR Generalist and HR Business Partner. She has ownership of our training and performance management initiatives, and prioritizes how we scale our company culture and invest in the continuous development of our team members. By working closely with the executive leadership team to best strategize how MSH can optimize the individual’s performance to align to business objectives, she can better help individuals to ensure they feel both supported and clear on what is expected of them.


My ultimate goal is to help others so it motivates me to know my hard work can be a positive piece of someone else’s experience. As well, my motivation comes from internal competition and knowing that every time I overcome a challenge, I expand my perception of my own abilities. I gain self-esteem from seeing my own growth and it motivates me to know challenging myself can encourage others to push their own limits as well.


Someone who converges empathy and accountability. A leader empowers those around them to see their own potential by being willing to take on and overcome the challenge themselves. I believe an essential part of effective leadership is someone who is committed to service and chooses influence over power. I think a great leader builds credibility through sincerity and showing those who follow them that they are seen and understood.


We treat your company like it is our own. While we are experts on hiring, we are moreover experts on people and in every interaction, we are going to prioritize the human experience. Working with us you know the care is there behind the execution so not only do our clients get more efficient and effective support, they know they have a true partner to help guide and support them along the way.

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