MSH helps a leading U.S. automotive retailer optimize its workforce processes—providing comprehensive strategic guidance, talent acquisition management, vendor management, and other added support.

528 Hires Across 18 Markets in 24 Hours
Exceeded Goal by 31%
35% Reduction in time to fill
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The Challenge

Facing rising agency costs and critical corporate vacancies, it was time for America’s largest automotive retailer to take a serious look at its talent acquisition landscape. With an existing RPO provider that wasn’t quite yielding the results the auto retailer desired, the company set out to find a new partner to manage its corporate hiring. In order to be successful, it was critical for this RPO provider to align with the company’s culture and vision for attracting best-in-class talent.

The Selection

Having worked as one of the company’s search and staffing partners since 2011, MSH had already developed a strong understanding of the company culture and technology environment. We had also built strong relationships with the hiring managers, and were familiar with the existing talent acquisition processes in place. As a result, MSH was selected to help manage the entire recruitment process and fulfilling the company’s corporate talent needs.

“MSH has been instrumental in overhauling our Corporate Recruiting processes and shortening time to fill by two thirds. Beyond filling roles with top talent quickly, the team brings a unique perspective to our challenges and is capable of providing strategic Talent Acquisition support.”

Natalee Doenig, Senior Manager—Talent Acquisition, AutoNation

The Solution

As the company’s new corporate RPO partner, we immediately began building a talent acquisition strategy—establishing the structure and processes that would deliver exceptional talent while simultaneously reducing time and cost to fill. We began with the goal of filling 23 full-time, corporate positions in six months, and when we quickly exceeded that goal, our team began to evolve into more than just an RPO provider—we became the company’s one-stop talent shop.

Today, when the client faces a workforce challenge of any size or shape, they turn to us for a solution. When the client’s business strategy called for building out its products and services offering, we stepped up as a diversified RPO provider—delivering segmented and unique technology, field, innovation, and service programs to help them enter new markets.

We have also grown to become the company’s on-site MSP—absorbing the management and scorecarding of all contractors and vendors. As they send us their contingent workforce candidates, we hold them to the same high standards as we hold our own search and screening team to ensure delivery of only the best-fit candidates.

We also help with a number of other strategic workforce initiatives, including conducting ongoing research, hiring events, and technology pipelining, as well as exploring diversity programs and much more. At the end of the day, we’re the company’s end-to-end talent solution provider—with the expertise, capabilities, and execution experience to help them achieve their business objectives.

The Result

Due to our deep understanding of the client’s challenges, culture, and talent needs, we are able to deliver not only the comprehensive RPO support required, but also provide a higher level of strategic workforce guidance that positions the company for even greater success. MSH continues to ensure strong candidate fit and seamless communication with both internal teams and vendors, resulting in a mutually trusting and collaborative partnership. As the retailer’s business needs continually evolve, our agile and responsive approach empowers us to quickly shift focus and tackle whatever workforce challenges the client may face.