Proven Enterprise Ready Talent Acquisition Services

Your dedicated customer service manager will acquire all technical requirements, coordinate viable candidates, and help you make the best hiring decisions for your organization.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term strategic workforce partner to help you establish talent processes from the ground up, experiencing high turnover within your talent acquisition department, or simply need help filling requisitions to help your business thrive through M&A or periods of substantial growth, our talent acquisition services and expertise will help you build the best talent program for your needs.

Leveraging our unique Selection Process Management methodology, we ask the right questions, find the right people, and support top talent hires more aligned with your business goals. We tap into our client's business expertise to serve them as valued partners and to deliver consultative talent solutions that have meaningful impacts throughout the organization. You can count on our team at every engagement stage to execute and meet deliverables with the highest levels of efficiency, clarity, and consistency.

It’s a combination of these things—our process, our business acumen, and our execution—that allows us to deliver our solutions more effectively, to be a more strategic and consultative partner, and to ultimately create better results.

Receive qualified talent within 72 hours

Speak with our team to get us on your approved vendor list. Once approved, our team moves with urgency to fill the roles you have available.

plan development

Develop your hiring plan

We believe in efficiency. Work with our team to define end results before we begin.

love your hires

Choose from list of
qualified talent

Your process manager will coordinate all meeting times with you, your hiring managers, and prospective candidates.

love your hires

Love the hires you make

Get access to analytics showing the ROI on a good hire versus a great hire.

The Right Talent Acquisition Partner Can Completely Change Your Organization’s Future

Wondering how the right talent acquisition firm can alter your company’s current trajectory? Here's what MSH uniquely brings to the table as a partner.

Goal-Oriented and KPI-Driven

These days everything is data-driven and MSH is no exception. The personalized hiring strategy we’ll develop together at the beginning of the talent acquisition process will include well-defined goals. And after you’ve hired someone? You’ll get access to valuable analytics showing your ROI.

Long-Term Focus

There are headhunters and recruiters out there who will quickly fill hiring slots … but six months down the road, those same hires are jaded and looking to move on. Not with MSH. You’ll end up with C-suite and niche employees who go the distance because they truly fit into your team.

A Large Existing Network

One of the primary benefits of working with a reputable TA firm like MSH is the powerful network of high-caliber candidates that we bring with us everywhere we go. Yes, you’ll get access to all of these folks - some of whom will likely end up being your favorite colleagues down the road!

Balance of Speed and Quality

It really is a balance, and MSH knows just how to strike it. Our speed (a shortlist delivered in under 72 hours!) is only tempered by our insatiable desire to provide your company with the best candidates possible. This means spending time establishing a deep understanding of all your hiring needs and building a customized talent acquisition strategy at the outset.

Candidates Who are Fully Vetted

We know exactly who we are recommending to you and why. All of MSH’s candidates are fully vetted before you ever lay eyes on them. That’s because we’ve painstakingly selected the most qualified candidates on the market - those we believe are a perfect match for all your needs and preferences.

Scalable and Sophisticated Processes

Only need a few openings filled? Not a problem. Need an entire team hired? MSH can do it all, even onboarding. All of our processes are scalable depending on the exact hiring needs of your organization.

Industry Best Practices and Expertise to the Table

Sure, you could go the in-house recruiting route - many firms do. But keep in mind that internal teams don’t tend to have the specialized knowledge and background in hiring the same way an established talent acquisition services firm like MSH does. This is our edge and what enables us to quickly spot and land top talent for you.

TA solutions to build your team

Your dedicated process manager will build you a sustainable team with great talent.

project based teams

Packaged Talent Solutions

Have an internal recruiting team that needs some support filling more than one role at a time? We’ll help you quickly fill multiple positions with the best talent possible.

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project based consultants

RPO Solutions

Want to outsource all or part of your company’s recruitment process? Our team can do it all for you - strategy development, full-cycle recruitment, reporting, employer branding, and more.

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full time hires

Direct Hire Solutions

Have a strong human resources or in-house recruiting team that needs assistance filling a single position? Let us manage the entire hiring process for you so you can simply sit back and relax.

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Throughout your engagement you have access to comprehensive data for making important hiring decisions.

Frequently asked questions

What do talent acquisition consultants do?

MSH is a leading technology-enabled talent acquisition consulting company with a specialization in all aspects of recruitment.

We can partner with you on your business transformation journey to deliver innovative solutions through the convergence of talent & technology.

That includes developing hiring plans, forecasting hiring needs, searching for and reaching out to viable candidates on multiple channels, building and maintaining a network of high-quality talent, evaluating candidate qualifications and culture fit, coordinating interviews, and building relationships.

In layman's terms: we're professional matchmakers.

Who partners with MSH?

Organizations who want to hire incredible people.

If this were a dating site, our "type" would be companies that are hungry to level up their team and truly optimize their business objectives. We partner with industry disruptors, dreamers, and innovators for both contingent workforce and full-time hires.

Whether you need singular opportunities, on-demand projects, or completely outsourced partnerships, MSH has your back.

Where does HR end and TA begin?

In general, talent acquisition firms oversee all the steps of the hiring process up until onboarding takes place, which is when HR usually takes over.

However, some talent acquisition firms, like MSH for example, are involved with onboarding as well. HR typically takes it from that point on, facilitating the employee’s completion of required paperwork related to pay, benefits, policies, and more.

Who will be my point of contact at MSH?

Your dedicated client account manager will screen all candidates, coordinate interviews, and help you make the best hiring decisions.

MSH integrates into your team and culture to understand your specific people needs. 

What are some talent acquisition best practices?

Some best practices in talent acquisition include identifying and prioritizing your hiring needs, aligning your hiring strategy with your business objectives, making data-driven hiring decisions, building a strong employer brand, leveraging social media, and writing effective job descriptions.

An experienced talent acquisition firm like MSH is fully familiar with all the best practices for talent acquisition and utilizes them in all its client interactions.

What are the terms of the partnership?

If one-size-fits-all, does it really fit anybody?

Then why would anyone take this approach to hiring?

We sure as hell don't.

MSH customizes each partnership and collaborates with you based on your uniqueneeds. You deserve to love the hires you make.

Hear from some of our clients:

Oz Rashid

Nobody talks about high-quality candidates

There are very few processes where you touch this many people with the opportunity to create long lasting relationships.

We all want to work for companies that make us feel like we belong.

That is what high-quality means to me - it’s the opportunity to enter into relationships with people who have your best interest at heart and will support you as part of their team, even after just one day on board!

Oz Rashid
Founder, MSH
Time is the enemy of hiring

The more time passes with the wrong solution, the more damage it causes to the business, the finances, and the livelihoods of people. Get started by setting a time to speak with a member of our team.

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