Your Full-Service MSP.

From establishing a vendor strategy, to creating and executing a performance management process, MSH can manage your entire vendor lifecycle.


As your MSP, we’ll develop and execute any and all processes regarding vendor management, all with the goal of improving customer experience, reliability of talent supply, and cost efficiency.

First, we’ll work to gain a deep understanding of your business goals and current vendor landscape in order to clearly define what needs to be outsourced, and develop a strategy that aligns with your needs. Next, we’ll work with all internal stakeholders—including Procurement, Legal, Business Units, IT, HR, etc.—to gain buy-in on the vendor management process. And if you already have a VMS in place, we'll seamlessly acclimate to your existing processes.

Throughout our engagement, you can trust us to adhere to your corporate and financial governance framework for vendor contracting. We’ll classify vendor types (Strategic, Preferred, Tactical, Underperforming), manage the entire contract management process, and conduct performance management, including monitoring, reporting, and auditing.

Finally, we’ll handle payment control based on milestones, deliverables, time and expense, fixed fee, recurring, or other schedule—with the approval process and payment release being contingent on SOW adherence and delivery.

End-to-End Strategic Workforce Solution

MSH helps a leading U.S. automotive retailer optimize its workforce processes—providing comprehensive strategic guidance, talent acquisition management, vendor management, and other added support.

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